Andalucia Archaetour I

Andalucia Archaetour I -7 Days/6 Nights

Day 01 Málaga: Arrival, reception in local airport and transfer to selected hotel. Accommodation (breakfast and local vat included) In the afternoon: Walking tour with english speaking guide to meet most the outstanding monuments and places. Visit to the Roman Theater & the Alcazaba. Vestiges from the Hispania (Roman Spain) and X Century

AGP Teatro Romano

Day 02 Málaga-Sevilla. After breakfast transfer to train station to board train to Sevilla (Duration 1.55 hs). Arrival, reception and accommodation at selected hotel (breakfast and local vat included) Half-day tour visiting the Roman Theatre, located in the centre of the village Santiponce, and the archaeological site of Italica. Italica holds an amphitheatre that was once counted as the largest in the ancient world. It was one of the earliest Roman settlements in Spain and was founded in 206 BC. It became renowned for its miliatay importance in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. Throughout the trip you will be lead by an expert guide who will explain to you the fascinating history behind this famous sight. You will be given plenty of time to roam and around and witness firsthand how the people of Italica lived. You can also see an array of stunning nature from the site making this an unmissable trip.

Italica was the first Roman city founded in the Iberian peninsula and the birthplace of the Emperors Trajan and Hadrian. After Italica we will then proceed to visit the Medieval Monastery of San Isidoro de el Campo. The Monastry was founded in 1928 by the famed don Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, historically known as “Guzmán el Bueno”. The Monastry´s architecture was typical of Seville in the last decades of the thirteenth century. Our expert guide will ensure that you see every intimate surface of this beautiful sight. Before we conclude the trip by arriving back in Seville we will visit San Rafael in La Pañoleta Winery. You will be given the opportunity to try a glass of typical wine from the are which posseses its own distinct flavour.

Day 03 Sevilla-Córdoba: Morning at leisure to walk the beautiful city. (Optional tour Cathedral, Alcazares) In time to reconfirm transfer to train station and travel to Cordoba. Arrival and transfer to hotel. Accommodation (breakfast and local vat included)

SEV Italica Sevilla

Day 04 Córdoba-Granada:  Moring visit to Medina Azahara, roman ruins and Mosque-Cathedral. Transfer to train station to board train with destination Granada. (Duration 2.10 hs) Arrival, reception and transfer to hotel. Accommodation with breakfast and local vat included.

Day 05 Granada:Visit to the Alhambra, declared word heritage by UNESCO. During the tour, will visit the “Charles V Palace, the Alcazaba, and adjacent areas, Nazarí Palaces and Generalife. Order depend on the schedule of the Nazarí Palaces, which is the only part of the tour with previous booking to regulate the flow of visitors. Total time is three hours and includes guide during the tour. It is strongly recommended and necessary to take this tour in advanced. Night Tours available under demand.

GRA Alhambra de Granada

Declared world heritage by UNESCO, Alhambra is an art treasure and arabic architecture show. Nazarí Palaces, Embajadores room and the Arrayanes place, and Carlos V Palace made by Pedro Machuca. Following, will walk around the Generalife gardens to discover relax places of kings and sultans in the past. Water elements and beautiful plants and flowers. Arrayanes and Sultana Gardens will be visited also in this way. End of visit and transfer to hotel. In the afternoon optional visit to hisctoric downtown Cathedral y Royal Chapel (Catholic kings grave). One of the greatest masterpieces in Renaissance architecture from the XVI Century is the Granada Cathedral, which was built on the grounds of the former Main Mosque. It was considered a symbol of power in the new Christian order of that period. The Royal Chapel, attached to it, equals the Cathedral in beauty. This is where the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferndinand, are buried. Joan the Mad and Phillip the Handsome are also buried in the chapel.

GRA Palacios Naz

Day 06 Granada-Málaga: Transfer to Málaga visiting the Alpujarras: Pampaneira, Bubión y Capileira, white villages in the middle of the hills. Arrival to Málaga and accommodation

Day 07 Málaga: In time to reconfirm transfer to local airport. Mail to us