Caminito del Rey

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Total length of the route is 7.7 km, divided into 4.8 km long access ways and 2.9 km long boardwalks. As for the boardwalks, the most famous part of the trail, 2.9 km of their length between the entrance to them and the exit point, comprises 1.5 km long boardwalks, and 1.4 km long paths or forest walkways. Estimated time for the full length of the route (this is the way that comprises the two boardwalks, and the paths and the forest walkways that serve as the entrance to the area or its exit) is between three and four hours. Visitors should mind the long distance and the steep slopes that are to be covered in order to access the boardwalks

Important:The path El Caminito del Rey is linear not circular. This is why you need to make sure to come back to the start on your own. Nevertheless, there are coaches between the northern access (Ardales) and the southern one (El Chorro), which go in both directions.

t approximatelytakes 4 hours to cover the route of El Caminito del Rey path. At first, from its opening at the end of March 2015 to 30th September 2015, this path could be walked along in two directions. From 1st October 2015 to the end of March 2016, it can be crossed in only one direction, from Ardales in the north to Álora in the south. This way is downhill, so it is easier to follow it and the route can be finished in shorter time. Estimated time for the sections of the route is the following: There are two paths if you come from Ardales, from the surroundings of the Conde de Guadalhorce’s (the Count of Guadalhorce’s) Reservoir. The first one is shorter and it takes 20 minutes. It goes through the tunnel with the recently installed lights, which is before El Kiosko restaurant, to the control cabins at the Gaitanejo Hydroelectric Power Station. The second path is longer, and it starts at the Chair of Alfonso XIII (this is a signposted path). These 2.7 km can be covered in 50 minutes.


It is 10 minutes distance from the control point to the access to the boardwalks.

Total length of the inland route, in the controlled area: boardwalk – Hoyo Valley – boardwalk, takes 150 minutes to be crossed.

From the boardwalk exit at El Chorro (Álora) to the control cabin: 15 minutes.

From the control cabin (Álora) to the train station: 15 minutes (the distance from point 4 to 5 is 2.1 kms).

¿ Which is the minimum age for el Caminito del Rey?

Minimum age is 8 years. Childs may go under the supervision of an adult.

¿What level of fitness is necessary?

Due to the quality of terrain (uphills, downhills, steps, boardwalks…), it is difficult to move, something you must be aware of although it is not necessary to be a sportsperson.

¿Is it accessible for handicapped people?

Due to the multi level ground, stairs and pathways,  Caminito del Rey is not accessible for handicapped people.

This wonderful experience included:

-Round trip transportation Malaga-Ardales-Malaga.

-Bilingual guide, Entrance fee Insurance, and Meal at Restaurant.

-Total time: 09:30 – 15:00