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If you love nature, this is your place in earth… Land witness of glaciations, will allow you to discover, ice fields, transparent water mirrors and the magic from Patagonia.

CALAFATE – 04 Days/03 nights. 

1º day: CALAFATE Arrival, reception and transfer to selected hotel. Accomodation with breakfast and local vat included.

2º day: CALAFATE Early brekfast in the hotel, and pick up to leave through route number 11, bordering Lake Argentino. (80 Km From El Calafate to the Moreno Glacier by tarmac road). From the beginning, the journey offers very pleasant surprises. Lake Argentino with its Redonda Bay: where we can appreciate bird fauna: black neck swan, the flamingo, the vapor duck, the coot and the cauquen stand out. The eye-catching yellow color of the countryside is due to its “coiron” pasture, and among them the white and short “coiron” stands out. During the first 40km we travel through the Patagonian Steppe , then enter the National Park to observe the tree area vegetation that is mostly made of the “notofagus” family (ñires, guindos and lengas), seldom cinnamon trees, and flowers of different colors, among which the “notro” stands out because of its intense red color that corresponds to the Patagonian Andean Forest. We arrive at the “curva de los suspiros” (sigh curve), named this way because it is the first panoramic viewpoint of the Perito Moreno Glacier. There is a short stop to take pictures and we move forward to Bajo las Sombras Port.
There is an option of doing an additional Navigation through the southern arm of the Iceberg Channel in order to have different views of the Perito Moreno Galcier wall. (Duration: 1 hour)
Back to the Port, we go to the footbridges where we have a service area for visitors and a system of balconies and footbridges that allow you to enjoy walks along different paths and to have really amazing views of the Glacier. After some free time for walking and lunch (which is optional), we begin our way back to El Calafate.

FTE Glaciar Pto Moreno Pasarelas total

3º day: CALAFATE Transfer from the Hotel to Punta Bandera Port, where we embark. Once on board we will sail through the North Arm of Lake Argentino until we reach the Upsala Channel, where we will find a spectacular Iceberg Barrier, and if the location of the icebergs allows us, we will be able to get near the glacier´s wall. Afterwards we will navigate the Spegazzini Channel, where we will observe the Seco Glacier to reach the front of the Spegazzini Glacier, the highest in the National Park. Return to Punta Bandera Port. Transfer from Punta Bandera Port to El Calafate.

FTE Navegación Glaciares

4º day: CALAFATE Transfer hotel-local airport to board flight with destination Ushuaia , Trelew, Bariloche Mail to us


Nautical Safari Navigation: This tour is offered during visit to Perito Moreno Glacier. This navigation, which leaves from Bajo Las Sombras Port, gives you the possibility of watching from a totally different perspective the impressive walls of Perito Moreno Glacier and its constant falling walls of ice over the waters of Lake Rico. Takes 1 hour.Book it

FTE Safari Nautico II

Roca Lake Horse Riding:  Pick up in the hotel around 8:30 to leave towards Roca Lake, 42 km away by national route 15. Arribal to the place where will meet the horses, to begin the route through the forest, watching the local flora & fauna. One hour ride, arriving to the panoramic point, where we have a view about Perito Moreno Glacier, Roca Lake ,Moreno Hill ,south arm Frias Hill , Magallanes Peninsula, Camiseta River Valley

From this natural panoramic point, we continue for one hour and a half through Cordón de Los Cristales, to arrive Los Ñires camp, where we Lunch. (included) After lunch and time at leisure return to Calafate around 5 pm.Mail to us

Minitrekking: Transfer from the hotels to the Bajo las Sombras Port, approximately 7km before the Glacier viewpoint, from where the 20 minute ship crossing leaves until we reach the opposite side of Brazo Rico, where we descend. After the disembark we get to the small shelter, where specialized mountain guides welcome you and organize the people in groups of not more than 20, who then follow their guides along the lake’s shore towards the edge of the glacier. We arrive to the River Moreno`s Cascade, where the guides explain how to use the pair of crampons that will allow us to walk over the glacier. The two hours circuit that follows introduces you to the fascinating landscape of the glaciers: streams, small lagoons, gullies, crevasses and plenty of ice formations of the most incredible blues.

FTE Minitrekking II

The trekking is moderate. The ice surface over which you walk is irregular, but firm and safe. You will receive explanations about flora, fauna and general glaciology of the region and also about the particular phenomenon that happens in the Perito Moreno Glacier and eventually produces its rupture After the walk, a stroll through the exuberant magallanic forest brings you back to the shelter, where the visitors have lunch contemplating a wonderful view. Once lunch is finished, we head back to the Port, where a bus will be awaiting to take you back to the Glacier viewpoint and its footbridges, where you will be able to stay for an hour. We then begin our return to El Calafate. Book it

Cristina Estancia: We leave Calafate around 7:00 AM heading to Punta Bandera Port. Upon arrival, we embark and navigate through the North Arm of the Lake Argentino, the Upsala Channel and Cristina Channel until we reach our disembarking point in the Estancia (farmhouse).

We visit the Costumbrista Museum (Museum of local traditions), along with the old Shearing Shed, where the tourists will be introduced to the history of the Estancia. Afterwards, we take a guided walk up to the River Caterina and the Chappel, and also visit the historic Estancia.
Free time to have lunch.

FTE Ea Cristina

After lunch, we take a short hike of around two and a half hours to Cascada de los Perros, a waterfall that surprises the visitors with its beauty, surrounded by small forests of ñires and crowned by an aerial view of River Caterina’s Valley and of Estancia Cristina. We return to the vessel at 5:00 PM and navigate towards Punta Bandera Port. Arrival and transfer back to El Calafate..Book it

THE CHALTÉN – 04 days/03 nights.

1º day: CALAFATE-CHALTEN Transfer by local Bus Calafate/Chalten. 220 km away on the World famous National Route 40. Arrival and accommodation.

FTE Fitz Roy y ruta 40

In the afternoon trekking to “Chorrillo del Salto”. This is the shorter trekking in area. Located in the route to Lago del Desierto and to 5 Km. away from village. (takes 1 hour). Accommodation at inn.

2º day: CHALTÉN Trekking to lago del Desierto. (Desierto Lake) Visiting this Lake is one of the most beautiful excursions to do departing from El Chalten. The road skirts Rio de las Vueltas, that increases its rapids along its course while its waters become more transparent as they get close to the lake. Besides enjoying the beauty of the scenery you can do some navigations as well as go hiking with varying degrees of difficulty.

In spite of the isolation suggested by its name you will see landscapes of spectacular beauty: a tall wood of lengas and ñires (regional trees), of an intense green colour, with the permanent view of the Fitz Roy and Torre mountains, glaciers and waterfalls. Return to Chaltén and accommodation at Inn.

FTE Chalten panorámica

3º day: CHALTÉN Trekking to Poincenot-Río Blanco Camp. With this trekking we get close to the mitic Fitz Roy Camp. This walk takes trhee hours and a half. Same route that the one to the Desierto lake. to 200 meters from the lake will find a view point to admire the Fitz Roy, Saint Exupery, Poincenot, Mermoz, Guillaumet among other giants. Next stop is in Capri Lake: free camping area. This camp is localted to 2 hours from village and its an option for those travellers without much time. `Next stop in our trekking is Poincenot camp, place of trekkers and backpackers. Following 10 minutes more we arrive to Rio Branco Camp, place of mountain climbers. Time at leisure to explores and return to the village for accommodation at Inn.

4º day: CHALTÉN-CALAFATE Transfer by bus to Calafate or continue you trip By National Route 40National Route 40  Book it

Other Experiences in Chaltén.

Trekking Bridwell-Torre Lake Camp: he route goes trough scattered lenga and ñire trees. After setting up the camp for that night, we will cross the river with a Tyrolean and do an amazing trek on the Torre Glacier, no doubt one of the wildests spots on Erth. Back to town, Dinner and Hotel. Mail to us

Viedma PRO: Viedma Glacier, sheds chunks of ice at its moraine-rich terminus, which flows directly into the western end of Viedma Lake. Whether you opt for the boat cruise or combine it with an ice trek, you’ll enjoy magnificent close-up views of this natural phenomenon.
Option 1: Viedma Glacier Sightseeing Cruise. Around 11am, transfer to Adventure EcoCamp for a three-course lunch, including one beverage. In the afternoon, hop in your minivan to Bahia Tunel Port, where your 2.5-hour boat tour over Viedma Lake begins. Cruise right in the front of Viedma Glacier, which reaches 40 meters above the lake, and watch huge icebergs float by. Listen to fascinating lectures on glaciology as certified national park guides describe the natural phenomena within Los Glaciares National Park. After taking in all the sights – including calving ice, debris-filled moraines and deep crevasses – return to El Chalten.FTE Fitz Roy y ruta 40

Option 2: Viedma Glacier Cruise plus Ice Trek: Upon hotel pickup: depart 11am., transfer to Bahia Tunel Port and set sail over Viedma Lake to the glacier.
During your 1-hour cruise, admire gorgeous views of Mt Fitz Roy and Mt Huemul. Arriving at Hornos Cabe in the far southeast, your boat will turn west, offering stunning sights of Viedma Glacier. Next, disembark at a rocky promontory where certified national park guides will provide a safety briefing and lecture on glaciology and other natural features of Los Glaciares National Park. From here, take a brief walk over terrain that just a few years before was covered by the glacier. You’ll reach the edge of Viedma Glacier within a few minutes and receive crampons to begin your 2-hour trek (approximately) over the ice. Under the care and supervision of your expert guides, hike past magnificent forms on the ice mass, such as glacial moraines, deep crevasses and canyon-sized cracks formed between the ice walls.

After your ice trek, take a break for lunch (must bring your box lunch) and return to the boat for your return trip El Chalten.

Please note: Ice trekking is recommended for those in good physical condition, who are accustomed to moderate walking on irregular terrain. Mail to us

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