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Estancia La Figura
(Cañuelas, 70 km. Buenos Aires)

BUE EA La Figura

This is one of the antique ranches of the District of Cañuelas, Province of Buenos Aires, land of great men and events that form part of the history. It was founded at the beginning of the 19th Century by the Engineer Carlos Pellegrini, father of the former president and artist of that time.

Accommodation and Gastronomy: Thirteen (13) Rooms with private bath in the main house. The sublime cuisine of “La Figura” includes all the delicatessen from the Creole and international gastronomy. The service is characterized by a sober and fine elegance and detailed balance.

Activities:you can freely enjoy all of the activities offered by the ranch: Golf,Swimming-pool.,Tennis,
Soccer,Horseback riding, Sulky and cart rides, Games room, Table game, Videos, Reading room, Watching of birds, Boating, and Rural activities Book it

Estancia Santa Rita
(Carboni, Lobos -120 km Buenos Aires)

BUE EA Santa Rita

Its history dates back to times of the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata. It was a total area of 16,000 hectares. The hull was built in 1790 by the Ezcurra family and extended in successive stages. In 1890 passed into the hands of Carboni, the namesake town founding family until 1988 when it was acquired by its current owners: The family Nudemberg.


Accommodation and Gastronomy:  Main house, chapel and adjacent buildings. It has 15 rooms with private bathrooms, recycled in the traditional style. They have a fireplace, four-poster beds or large views. The various lounges with fireplace and reading nooks create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere in a vintage frame.

Activities:  Horse and Sulky ridings. Opened swimming pool. Agricultural activities, breeding cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and goats, milking, breeding Hereford cattle and growing wheat, soybeans and corn are carried. There are a variety of wild birds circulating; herons, storks, and the flames that roam the park. Bicycles and garden games for the kids.
Book it

Estancia Villa María
(Máximo Paz, 50 km Buenos Aires)

BUE Ea Villa Maria Casco

It has a superb three-storey Tudor Normando built in 1927 by architect Alejandro Bustillo. Surrounded by a magnificent park of 65 hectares designed by renowned landscaper Carlos Thays in the late nineteenth century, with a variety of tree species forming avenues and paths that still can enjoy.

Accommodation and Gastronomy:The compound was reopened as a luxury hotel with 11 exclusive suites and gourmand restaurant..

Activities: horseback riding, carriage rides, bike riding, tennis, football, billiard and table games.Book it

Estancia El Ombú de Areco
(San Antonio de Areco, 120 km. Bs As)

BUE El Ombu de Areco casa

El Ombú de Areco, an historical estancia (ranch) just over an hour’s drive from downtown Buenos Aires, is located in San Antonio de Areco, birthplace of the gaucho tradition. The Late-Colonial style mansion, built in 1880 by Lieutenant-general Pablo Riccheri, offers visitors a magnificent setting for an unforgettable stay.
Enrique Boelcke, grandfather of the present owner Eva Boelcke, purchased the El Ombú in 1934. Eva’s father, Osvaldo, a renowned botanist, ran the estancia as a working ranch until his death in 1990. Eva was trained as an agronomist, but since 1993 has expanded her role as farm manager to include local and international estancia tourism.

Accommodation and Gastronomy: El Ombú offers nine spacious, modernised bedrooms (6 doubles and 3 triples), with en suite bathrooms, large windows and an interesting array of period furniture. In winter, guests enjoy the warmth of central heating in every bedroom, augmented, if desired, with the friendly glow of the gaucho’s typical wood-burning salamander

BUE EA El Ombu de Areco

Activities: Guests can explore the 300-hectare (ca 750 acre) estancia on foot or, accompanied by seasoned gauchos, on one of the 38 horses that are part of the working drove. Horse drawn carriages are also available. Those that want to learn some of the thousand species of Argentinean birds are provided binoculars and guide books.

Other recreational activities include: a swimming pool with solarium; ping-pong; metegol (table football); volleyball and football; bicycle rides; golf and tennis at a friendly country club only 15 minutes drive from the estancia Book it

Estancia El Silencio
(Cañuelas, 70 km Buenos Aires)

BUE EA El Silencio

Its hull, colonial style, is surrounded by a mature park designed by Carlos Thays. Wide avenues of eucalyptus and casuarinas allow 400 hectares break through to production. His pulpería inspired the writer Eduardo Gutierrez in his gauchezca novel “Juan Moreira” – written in 1880, a few years before his death.

Accommodation and Gastronomy: Apartment and three rooms with two bath. Suite.

Activities: Horseback riding or old carriages, will allow you to visit areas of the estancia for breeding polo horses and steers closer to the scattered field. Pool, tennis court. The stay has a golf driving next to the polo field and offers the option to go San Eliseo Golf Club, which has 18 holes and is a few kilometers.Book it

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