Welcome Iguazú

1ºday: IGUAZÚ. Arrival to Iguazú. Reception at local airport and transfer to the selected hotel. Accommodation with Breakfast included. In the afternoon, visit to the brazilian side of the falls, where will get he panoramic view of the falls … Walk along the pathways and free time in the balconies to admire the waterfalls. Return to the hotel..

Iguazu lado brazilero 03

2ºday: IGUAZÚ. Full day visit to the Argentine side of the falls The same is done through the ecological train, making stops at different stations located along the route. The first stop will be Cataratas Station, to walk along the Superior Circuit . It continues to access the same magnificent panoramic views of Niagara and Iguazu River delta formed by a set of leafy islands. (Duration: 1.15 hours, low difficulty) .

Continue on the Lower Circuit , a set of walkways strategically designed to allow various views and an intimate encounter with waterfalls and charming corners of the jungle. You can also appreciate the Alvar Nuñez, a beautiful view of San Martin Island, Bosetti Fall and then reach the port, where the rafts crossing to San Martin Island. (Duration: 02 hours, high difficulty) .

In the last section of this route will reach the station Garganta del Diablo (Devil´s throat) Walk down a catwalk to the Garganta del Diablo. Of huge beauty and energy, offers an impressive mix of sights and sounds that will make you feel excited. (Duration: 02 hours, medium difficulty) Optional: navigation with the Iguazú River flowing channel and make a jeep ride through the jungle. In the afternoon, return to the hotel.

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3ºday: IGUAZÚ. Day at leisure to enjoy the hotel, Puerto Iguazú village, or make an optional full day visit to the Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio Miní (Wednesday-Saturday). Shuttle Bus until the entry of the Mission which will start the tour of San Ignacio Miní Ruins.

The mission was founded by Father Antonio Ruiz de Montoya to protect the Guarani Indians from the attacks of the Mamelukes or bandeirantes that sold as slaves in Brazil. Under the direction of the Guarani, some Jesuits developed agriculture and animal husbandry, art and printed books, some in their mother tongue.

The Ruins of San Ignacio are the oldest Jesuit works in the region (dating from 1632), were rediscovered in 1897 and have been upgraded for your visit. In the museum you can see carvings and sculptures recovered.

This was the context in which missionary catechized the Indians and they now represent the destruction of their villages in the eighteenth century when the expulsion of the Jesuit Order was made. The visit also includes Wanda Mines, open field of precious and semiprecious stones sky. Return to Iguazú and accommodation.

4ºday: IGUAZÚ. In time to reconfirm with the local office transfer to local airport or follow to SALTOS DEL MOCONÁ-MOCONÁ FALLS  Mail to us

Located 322 km away from Iguazú, constitute one of the most impressive Mesopotamian landscapes. A geological fault where Yaboti, Pepirã Guazú, Uruguay, Serapio and Calixto rivers meet. Medium height falls run savagely between this curious geological fault.

1ºday: IGUAZÚ-DON ENRIQUE LODGE. Private transfer Iguazú-El Soberbio-Don Enrique Lodge.

On the way visit to Moconá falls, (it will save precious time and money on transfers. It is a four-hour day trip from the Lodge.) Once there, according to weather conditions optional 30 minutes boat ride along the river. Arrival and accommodation with full board included.

IGR Don Enrique Lodge

2ºday: DON ENRIQUE LODGE. Activities in the lodge: guided trekkings guests can choose depending on landscape, difficulty or extension

3ºday: DON ENRIQUE LODGE. Water activities along Paraiso River: three different kind of floatings.


4ºday: DON ENRIQUE LODGE-SOBERBIO-POSADAS. In time to reconfirm transfer to Posadas or follow to ESTEROS DEL IBERÁ.Mail to us

ESTEROS DEL IBERÁ-  (Special programs for Birdwatchers)

Located in the center of the province of Corrientes, the Iberá marshlands and lagoons make up one of the richest and most unspoilt areas in Argentina and the world, which occupies over 2,000,000 square kilometers.represents the habitat for animal and plant species, as well as countless insects and numerous butterfly varieties. It is possible to visit streams and lagoons by boat. There, visitors may observe howler monkeys, deer, capybaras, caymans and hundreds of birds. Mail to us

1ºday: POSADAS (MISIONES)-CARLOS PELLEGRINI. Arrival to Posadas and transfer Carlos Pellegrini village, located in the area of the Natural Reserve. Accommodation in Posada de La Laguna with full board. Activities start with a visit to the Center of Interpretation of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, which combines the objectives of the Museum of Anthropology and Natural History, exhibiting natural environments, for a better knowledge on the complexities of the ecosystem. Afterwards, the trekking trip continues along the trails contemplating a great variety of plant and animal species, just like the “caraya” monkeys, pampas deer, capybaras and hundreds of bird species. The boldest ones can also enjoy nocturnal expeditions and get absorbed by the sounds of the night and amazed at the sight of foxes, raccoons, black armadillos (Tatú Negro), capybaras and nocturnal birds.

IGR esteros del ibera

2º day: IBERÁ: Second´s activity day with a boat rides’ starting point is at the Caranday Harbor, right at the lodge’s garden, cruising along the fascinating Corriente Canal or along the Miriñay River and once immersed in the marshes it is inevitable to encounter some of Iberá’s main characters, from friendly capybaras up to savage alligators (yacarés), maned wolf, marsh deer and over 350 bird species that turn this place into one of the main Birdwatching scenarios in the world.

3º day: IBERÁ-POSADAS: Canoeing is ideal for exploration and photographic safaris particularly for those admirers of aquatic or river birds such as ducks, Jacanas or storks. The wonderful sunset right in the heart of the lake’s peaceful landscape is an unforgettable experience for all of your senses. Worse Ridings or Ride Wagon. In time to reconfirm transfer from Accommodation to Posadas Airport. End of Services.