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Ushuaia, busy port and adventure hub, is a sliver of steep streets and jumbled buildings below the snowcapped Martial Range. Here the Andes meet the southern ocean in a sharp skid, making way for the city before reaching a sea of lapping currents. Takes full advantage of its end-of-the-world status as an increasing number of Antarctica-bound vessels call in to port.

USHUAIA 04 Days/03 Nights

1ºday: USHUAIA.  Arrival, reception and transfer to selected hotel. Accommodation with breakfast included. Visit of the city: Begining at the Touristic Pier. Along Maipú Avenue, see different points of interest like the Civic Square, the old Government House, the “Almacén de Ramos Generales” (a traditional bar) and the Nuestra Señora de la Merced old Church; After visiting surrounding will arrive to Las Hayas Hotel viewpoint with panoramic views of Ushuaia Bay, the Beagle Channel, the Docks and Ushuaia Peninsula, and also of the Industrial neighborhood. In our way down to the city, we will see the Water Treatment Plant and the different local construction styles. Along the city`s main street, San Martin Avenue, we will find the most important shops, historic buildings such as the Old Pioneers House, the new Nuestra Señora de la Merced Church, the Tourism Office, the current Government House, the City Hall, the Ideal Bar and the Post Office. At the end of the street, we have the Admiral Berisso Navy Base and the Old Prison and Recidivist Jail. Returning then to Maipú Avenue we end the experience at the End of the World Museum.

2ºday: USHUAIA Leaving Ushuaia city Southwest, we will travel through national route number 3, towards Tierra del Fuego’s National Park, enjoying excellent panoramic views of the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia`s Peninsula and Bridges`, Willie’s and Les Eclauriers’ Islands. After crossing River Pipo’s bridge, next to Ushuaia’s Golf Club, we will arrive at the End of the World Station. Those passengers that would like to board the End of the World train will be able to take that optional tour. The rest of the group will await them at the end of the train trip. We continue to enter the National Park, an area reserved to protect the Subantartic Forest and its native flora and fauna: Through a path surrounded by Lenga forests and peats, we will reach Lake Roca, a glaciar lake, with a surface of 5,50 square kilometers, and framed by mountains and forests, where we can likely be able to see different native birds. The last part of the excursion leads us to Lapataia Bay. Along the way we will cross Cormorants Islands, get to see other peats and also visit a beaver dam. Once in Lapataia Bay, besides the marine coast, rich in mollusks and mussels, we will find traces of the ancient native settlers that used to live in the region. We will have some time to walk through the footbridge, from which we will be able to take photographs and enjoy the feeling of being at the end of the world. From this spot, the end of National Route number 3, we will begin our journey back to the city of Ushuaia. Time for Lunch. Navigation from the Touristic Pier of our city, towards the Beagle Channel. We sail Southwest, approaching the Sea lions` Island, where, from the ship, we will be able to enjoy the sight of sea lions specimens, watching them interact with their permanent environment in a wonderful scenery. We continue the navigation towards the Bird Island, habitat of the Magaellanic Cormorants and Imperial Cormorants, and also a privileged area to spot specimens of the marine fauna. Then we sail towards the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, in the archipelago with the same name, where the Mount Cervantes vessel wrecked on the year 1930. The return will be through Paso Chico, sighting Estancias Tunnel and Fique (Farmhouses), heading back to Ushuaia while enjoying the view of the imposing frame that Mount Martial its glacier give to the city.

USH Les Eclaireaus

3ºday: USHUAIA. Visit to Fagnano and Escondido Lakes. Through the journey along Carabajal Valley, we will see “circus” glaciers, suspended valleys and exploitable peats. The following stop will be at the Valle de Lobos Winter Center, a breeding center for dog sleds, Syberian Huskies and Alaskan Huskies.

We continue our trip to find peat valleys, small glaciers, cross-country skiing centers, Beaver Mountain, which is the alpine skiing center, cascades and environments that have been modified by the beavers` actions. As from Rancho Hambre, we will start to go up to the Garibaldi Crossing through the winding road, surrounded by forests full of Lengas and Ñires. Once in the Garibaldi’s viewpoint, we will take some time to enjoy the panoramic views of Lakes Escondido, Fagnano and their surroundings.

On our way to Lake Fagnano we will be able to see the Bronzovich Sawmill, Entre Rios Rural School, and Kaiken Lodging House on the headwaters of the lake. After this last stop, we will begin our journey back towards the Winter Centers, where we will take some time to have lunch, with the option of enjoying the typical Fuegian Lamb, after which we will return to the city of Ushuaia.

USH Lago Fagnano Escondido

4ºday: USHUAIA. In time to reconfirm transfer to local airport.
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Experiences in Ushuaia

End of the world Train: It leaves from the End of the World Station travelling along the same embankment used by the Convict Train 100 years ago. It runs through the “Cañadón del Toro” and crosses the Pipo River over the “Puente Quemado” (Burnt Bridge), where you can see the wooden ruins of the old bridge underneath the new one. After that, the train stops at the “Estación Cascada La Macarena” (Macarena Waterfall Station) where visitors can go down to a reconstructed Indian campsite, typical of one of the four native tribes that lived in Ushuaia for thousands of years: the Yamanas. At this point it is possible to go up the steps to see the “Macarena Waterfall”, whose source is in the “Le Martial” mountain range, offering a fabulous view of the Pipo River Valley. The train enters the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Following the Pipo River the train crosses different sites where the prisoners worked every day for 50 years cutting down tres. The train arrives at the “Estación del Parque”(National Park Station),where the journey ends. At this point, passengers can either return by train to the End of the World Station or continue their excursion deeper into the Tierra del Fuego National Park on pre-booked tour buses. Book it

Estancia Harberton: We begin the navigation from the Touristic Pier of our city, towards the Beagle Channel. We sail Southwest, approaching the Sea lions` Island, where, from the ship, we will be able to enjoy the sight of sea lions specimens, watching them interact with their permanent environment in a wonderful scenery. Then we sail towards the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. Crossing the Beagle Channel heading North-South we will see Gable Island and Port Williams Navy Base (placed on Navarino Island, Republic of Chile). As we reach Martillo Island, we get near the beach and stay there for a while. It is amazing to watch how the Magaellanic Pinguin colony that nest during the summer get near the ship with great curiosity. We continue until we reach Estancia Harberton, first Fuegian Farmhouse, with its building brought from England. The house belongs to the Bridges family and had its origins when they established there after the Anglican Mission ended in Ushuaia. The walk around the Farmhouse includes its natural reserve, the Bridge`s family cemetery, the Shearing Shed and the house facilities. From here we return to the local pier, sightseeing through the way back both Estancia Tunnel and Fique.

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Emerald Lagoon & Meet the Beavers: A great oportunity to discover the amazing colour of the Esmeralda Lagoon and the habits and behavior of these introduced rodents. Begin with a walk to the lake in the afternoon, to return at the time of the day when the beavers usually leaves their burrows. This is and experience for those who enjoy being outdoors as the night takes a long time to arrive with its changing colors. Dinner included and return to Hotel. Accommodation.
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Program includes:

-03 nights accommodation with breakfast and local vat included.
-All the tours and transfers included.
-English speaking guide.
-Local asistance.